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Rotary drum dryer features
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1. Modular lifting device I made many technological innovations in the lifting device on the system design production dryer, using a new type of multi-modular lifting device, to overcome the traditional dryer wind hole "phenomenon, high thermal efficiency
, Coal consumption is reduced by about 20%.
2 For a variety of burner: high boiling furnace mill of coal dusting furnace as well as artificial coal stove.
Drive size gear pin interchangeable gear, replaces the traditional gear of cast steel, investment cost, but also greatly reduces maintenance costs and time.
Centralized control system, central monitoring and management of large enterprise computer.
5, greater production capacity, continuous operation;
6, the structure is simple, easy to operate;
7, less failure, low maintenance costs;
8, a wide range of application, you can use it dry granular materials is also very beneficial for adhesion materials;
Operating flexibility, allow the product to the production yield fluctuation range, will not affect the quality of the product;
10, swept easy.
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