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Several key points in the development of wooden pallets
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      In order to promote the healthy development of wooden pallets, must make efforts in four areas, namely: standardization, mechanization, minimization, resource.
      Pallet standardization can bring enormous social and economic benefits. The standardized pallet can reuse many times, so that the disk each use costs less than one tenth of disposable trays, but also be able to increase the volume of container loading and inventory utilization, improve logistics efficiency and significantly reduce logistics costs. China tray standardized rate is much lower than in developed countries, and therefore should vigorously promote the standardization of the production of pallets, accelerate the standardization tray supporting standard construction.
      Production of wooden pallets basic manual way, low productivity, and quality of instability, with the expansion of demand, handmade production quality of European standard tray has been difficult to meet the requirements to achieve the tray production of mechanization has been imminent. At the same time, the notice of the General Office of the State Council rpm Development and Reform Commission and other departments on accelerating timber conservation and alternative views, explicitly requires industry to speed up the implementation of the advance of timber conservation and alternative technologies, do green products.
      The last little resources, packaging resource contains effective recycling of packaging waste recycled two aspects. Comprehensive utilization of timber in China is only 60%, timber production and consumption unreasonable processing lags behind recycling mechanism is not perfect, resulting in a serious waste of resources. Resource level wooden pallets equally backward, there is no established recycling industrial engineering.
      To sum up four points, is the key to the development of China's wood pallets, the China tray enterprises should accelerate its own restructuring, resource optimization, and promote the healthy development of the industry as a whole.
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