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The wooden pallets mildew tips
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(1) For the manufacturers, you need to fully understand the customers to purchase the use of the tray, and the use of the environment, so that, depending on the customers need for their recommended ordinary wooden pallets, wooden pallets of air drying or kiln drying tray.
(2) For the the wooden pallets user fully understand how scientific and rational use and maintenance of wooden pallets is critical to prevent mildew. Wooden pallets to keep dry and clean, if possible, try to avoid the wooden pallets for a long time left unused. If need cleaning tray for hygienic reasons must be sufficiently dried before reintroduction use.
(3) consider the chemicals. There are now some chemical products can effectively prevent the occurrence of mildew, but eventually adopted, the decision is still in the hands of users, after all, the chemical treatment may bring other problems, especially for food, medicine and other industries more cautious.
(4) consider alternative products. If improper care, the possibility of any type of wooden pallets have a moldy, but Presswood pallet, plastic pallets and metal pallets compared to the green hardwood pallets, the possibility of mildew is much smaller. Course, its cost is likely to be more than wooden pallets expensive.
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